Lily’s heart hammered so hard when she stepped into the school that she was sure everyone could hear it. That everyone was looking at her. She’d been attending Westmont High for a week now and still her fear flared fierce each day. She still had not one single friend, or even a potential friend. She was afraid to look anyone in the eye and if someone spoke to her, especially any boy, her breath caught in her throat. If she made any response at all she sounded like a strangled cat. At least, that’s the way her father always described it.

Author’s Aside:
Today I spent time looking at Lily’s past story and writing scenes that show me who she is. Who knows whether any of this will end up in the final book.

“This yours?”

Lily jumped and turned around to find a pair of brilliant blue eyes looking at her. At her! The girl’s face was framed by golden curls and her nose turned up just a bit at the tip. Her beauty took Lily’s breath away.

“New girl,” the creature said. “I asked if you dropped this.” She held up Lily’s pink scarf that must have slipped out of her pocket, then waved it playfully. “’Cause, you know, if not, finders keepers.”

Then she grinned and Lily’s heart leapt into her mouth. The blood rushed so quickly to her face she thought she would faint.

Author’s Aside:
Yes, I know there’s cliches in here.
It’s just backstory, people, come on.

She mumbled something like, “Yeah, thanks,” though she couldn’t remember exactly what she said when she relived the scene later in her memory. Her ears were ringing so loud she almost didn’t hear the girl say, “I’m Jean, by the way. See you around,” before hurrying off to class.

For the rest of the day, every time she thought of that smile, Lily blushed pink with pleasure.

That’s the way it was then, at least. Now, years later, thinking of the face of her first love only filled Lily with fear.

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