Thorne glanced sideways at him. “Has Graham told you yet what his power is? His dominant one, I mean?”

There are people out there in the modern world with outdated ideas regarding sexual preferences and gender identity.

When Eric shook his head, she said. “He can see the future. Well, it looks like he can see the future. But if he tells someone what he sees, though, apparently that future changes. He blames himself for Cora being gay.”

And yes, some of them are young people like Eric who have been raised in a culture that promotes that thinking.

Eric’s laugh helped clear his mind. He breathed easier as he said, “You’re kidding, right? You don’t actually believe Magic can change someone’s sexual preference.” The idea shook him a bit, though. There was so much he didn’t know about Magic. And even less that he understood about human sexuality.

“I don’t.” Thorn answered. “I don’t think Graham does either, not really. But when they were kids, like puberty age, or before Cora came out anyway, he saw a distinct vision of the two of them as a happily married man and wife. And he told her. Next thing he knows—well, the first time Cora tells anyone—Cora’s gay and Graham just can’t quite convince himself that his cursed power didn’t have something to do with that.”


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