113,000 words and two years later, The Wizard Within is finally complete. The editing and rewriting and critiquing is done for now and I have turned to the hard part, finding a home for the new born book. This time I am following the traditional publishing footsteps rather than self-publishing options. I believe in this book and hope to find readers who agree with me. Watch for progress reports at www.Debra-R-Borys.com. In the meantime, enjoy the few excerpts posted here.

Chapter 47: Seattle’s Darth Vader

Eli paused at a fallen tree trunk that had been set up as a rustic bench. Sitting, he lowered his head to his hands and tried to sort through the swirling thoughts in his head. The least frustrating data that popped up was all the new information Robert and Rahul had given them. Primarily the existence of Magic, Quintessence, as a sentient being.

He could believe magic existed in him, in everyone, in pieces. But—it wanted world peace? That sounded more like wishful thinking than any real possibility. At the very least, it wasn’t doing a very good fucking job of achieving that goal.

From my critique group:”I like that this undercuts more traditional heroic stories, in the way you show there is a cost for what Eli has achieved rather than have everything perfect at the end.” ~ Josh Phelps

Because of… “Fucking people.” Eli sat up straighter and ran his fingers through his hair. Humans were so fucked up. Magic couldn’t have chosen a worse host. Why not pick dogs? Bunnies. Even lions, the kings of the jungle, would probably do a better job of getting their shit together and acting as one.

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